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This website does not use any cookies by default (What are cookies?).

Google Analytics

The user has the option to enable a Google Analytics script to measure how users interact with this website’s content. If the user enables this functionality, the user’s IP address is anonymized through shortening. The user’s IP addresss is not associated with other data that Google may have for the user. The Google Analytics service sets three cookies:

  • _ga: Expires in 2 years. Used to distinguish users.
  • _gid: Expires in 24 hours. Used to distinguish users.
  • _gat: Expires in 1 minute. Used to throttle request rate.

If the user enables this functionality, an additional cookie will be set by the cookie manager ( for the browser to remember the user’s choice. If you accept to opt-in to Google Analytics but later decide you want to opt-out, you may clear the cookies your browser has stored through your browser’s settings. Please see your browser’s instructions on how to achieve this.

Embedded tweets

Some of the pages on this website contain embedded tweets. These components set additional cookies on your browser. Twitter may receive information including the web page you visited, your IP address, browser type, operating system, and cookie information ( This website uses the twitter:dnt tag, that opts-out visitors of our pages from Twitter’s collection of information for personalization. You can find further information in Twitter’s privacy policy at You can change your Twitter privacy settings in the account settings at

Third-party cookies

From time to time, external services this website uses may attempt to set third-party cookies on the user’s browser. Modern browsers such as Firefox and Chromium-based browsers prevent these third-party cookies from being stored. If you detect third-party cookies being set while browsing our website please report it to us so we can prevent their creation.

Website comments

If you submit a comment on any page on this website, it will be assigned an id anonymized through MD5 encryption and stored in a repository at The name associated with the comment will be publicly visible. The optional email address associated with the comment will be encrypted through the MD5 algorithm.

The service is activated by default on this website. It does not set any cookies unless you choose to login to it. You can disable the service through our cookie manager if you like.

SSL encryption

All internal and external links on are website are through secure connections certified by Let’s Encrypt.


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